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                Made for future

                5 th  Generation Enterprise Email System


                Protect Your Email,

                Secure Your Business

                Learn more

                Coremail Enterprise email solutions focus in enhancing business productivity and improving information
                management and provide a key platform which allows the collaboration of various office softwares.

                • Mail

                  Send, receive and manage your email.

                • Calendar

                  Invite other to join meeting or events through email, auto sync and manage on calendar

                • Instant Message

                  Redirect and create chatroom from email to Messager for starting real time communication

                • Cloud Storage

                  Personal & Enterprise network disk are included for managing sharable files

                • Multi-platform

                  Support multi-platform for real-time communication via email / IM

                We believe that the key to success is to specialize in one field and aim to archive it perfectly.

                • Since 2000
                • +1,000,000,000 Number of account users
                • 25 Invention Patents
                Information management Enterprise communications
                Security monitoring Learn more
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